Continental Commercial Plastic Wastebaskets

The low profile and sleek, attractive design of these rectangular wastebaskets make them the right choice for a variety of applications such as classroom, office, commercial or institutional use. Meets OSHA requirements.

RCP 2543 BEI Rubbermaid® Fire Resistant Wastebasket - 28 Qt., Beige

Contemporary shape with UL rating. Rounded corners add strength and are easy to clean. Long-lasting fiberglass resists chips and dents; won't rust. Textured finish helps minimize appearance of surface scratches. Tested and classified by Underwriters Laboratories as able to contain burning paper without the wastebasket melting or contributing fuel to the container's contents.  6/cs

Manufacturers Item #2543-BG

RCP 2956 BLA Rubbermaid® Deskside Wastebasket - 28 1/8 Qt., Black

Rolled rims add strength, and are easy to clean. Designed for convenient deskside waste management. Innovative rim tabs prevent jamming when nested. Rubbermaid's reliable, puncture-resistant, all-plastic construction means they won't rust or chip and will stand up to years of use. Rounded corners and smooth contours make for easy cleaning and emptying. Tops are sold separately.  12/cs

Manufacturers Item #2956-BK